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In 1966, a simple concept about natural products...gave birth to Flax® company.

The first “fruit” of this concept was the LifoPlus family – a complete range of vegetal sponges, based on a plant named loofah. Subsequently, combining tradition with scientific research, Flax  company has been one of the very first companies in  Greece, that developed cosmetic products based on the olive tree (oil, extract, leaves, seeds) but also based on a range of additional herbal ingredients of Greek and Mediterranean nature, with the trademarks CleanSkin & mythos.

Innovation in formulas, high quality standards that has been followed (Dermatologically Tested Products certification, in combination with pure natural ingredients, guarantee to the modern consumer safe products with integrated series, without formulating excessive expectations from their use.


In 2011 – Better than ever…

Recently, the new generation of mythos products (face, hair, body, hands, feet) launched in the market. Strictly following the principles of the safe product, new mild formulas have been created, without using conventional preservatives (parabens free), synthetic colors, genetically modified plants, according to new international standards – there is not a single detail which has not been improved significantly…

Today – The ultimate recognition…


All novelties of the new generation of the products have maintained their effectiveness – an element which made Flax  company known to consumers in 21 countries all over the world -  Spain, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Cyprus, Russia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Dutch Antilles, Kuwait, Philippines, Bahrain, UAE, China, Korea, Taiwan and Chile.

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